Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment

This scientific breakthrough is the latest, most naturally effective discovery in the continual search for the “Fountain of Youth.” Many Hollywood celebrities rely on oxygen as a way to naturally maintain their skin’s young and vibrant look.Intraceuticals has developed a special serum that, combined with the pressure of hyberbaric oxygen, is infused into the skin to bring out its’ hyaluronic acid (the natural, youthful component that decreases over time). Infusing oxygen, along with essential vitamins and antioxidants, richly replenishes the skin. New and healthier cells are revived while harmful toxins are reduced.

Acne Treatments

Acne is a challenging disease that effects anyone from teens to adults. Here at The Bungalow Skin Spa, we custom fit our treatments to the needs of all our clients. There is no generic treatment and we get to the root of the problem. We understand that everyone’s acne is different and that there are various factors that causes this disease. From genetics, hormones, diet, allergies, stress, and countless other conditions. Our estheticians come up with treatments using products, technology, and at home care to stop acne before it gets worse. Stop acne before it develops into scars. We attack acne aggressively and have diminished acne scars at least 50% or more with peels, machines, and other products. Our products work and we keep our products simple and affordable.


The Bungalow Skin Spa is known for taking customized facials to extraordinary lengths. Our advanced technologies and highly sought after brands from around the world will leave you with glowing luminous skin. We customize to any skincare need from anything from anti-aging, hyper pigmentation, and rosacea. We cover the entire spectrum to give you a results based facial that is extremely relaxing. Client care is our top priority. We attend classes with doctors and conferences to always be on the forefront of technology. We carry various brands because we know that not one brand fits all needs. Everyone’s skin is different and everything needs to be customized. Always pushing to further your skin health.