Acne Treatments

The Science of Treating Acne

Acne is a traumatic condition that afflicts 50 percent of women of 25 percent of men and sometime in their adult lives. Teens and Adults are simultaneously struggling with flare-ups, dark spots and scarring. With the average wait time to see a dermatologist in LA is 34 days and health costs continue to rise, we are playing a more important role then ever in solving our clients skin concern.
We always recommend seeking out a reliable doctor, if you don’t have one we can help you find one in your area.
On your first visit we’ll perform a thorough skin consultation in order to treat both acne and if needed, your aging concerns. During the analysis we’ll determine the severity and type of lesions present, as well as ask questions about lifestyle, duration of symptoms and prior treatments. This information will determine the root cause of the best course of action for each client. The causes of acne can be environmental, genetic, Stress, hormonal, food allergies, medication side effects or undiagnosed medical condition. We’ll send you home with several treatment lines to help design the perfect treatment plan to help heal and maintain health skin.

Basic Acne Facial: From Start to Finish

This affordable facial was designed for all clients including teens who need a treatment that fits their budget and in need of more visits to the Bungalow. 
It’s called the “Keep them coming back from front to back” for an affordable steam and clean with mask to start and finish with cleansing and extractions.

Second Step: Acne Steam & Clean

This treatment is a follow up for all our Teen Acne clients to help them with healing, helping to reveal a clearer more brighter complexion.
Cleansing, Mask with Steam, drainage, and Mask.

Back Acne Facial

Steaming, Mask, Extractions, and Mask to end. This is done as a back Massage Bacne treatment.

Acne Premier

A clarifying treatment that calms reactive skin on the deepest levels. A gentle yet thorough cleansing with plant enzymes and sea minerals removes dead cells, excess residue, and environmental build-up to combat breakouts and help erase any trace of a dull, lackluster complexion. This facial helps shrinks pores and refines skin texture resulting in a renewed glow. CLEANSING, DISENCRUSTATION MASK, EXTRACTIONS, SEA MUD MASK, OXYGEN THERAPY WITH CLEARING SERUM, CALMING MASK. This treatment helps clears acne fast and gently, improves clarity, texture, and tone with regular treatments also very relaxing.