Bungalow Signature Silver

Start with a clean and bright complexion! This is your go-to facial for removal of dead skin and cleansing of the pores to prep for skin rejuvenation and treating Acne breakouts. This facial will be rotated with other treatments as needed keeping our client’s budget in mind, we customize each facial for the individual with a unique blend of products from our lab to address all your skincare needs.
We utilize the full use of all equipment and products, at our fingertips to use in all treatments as needed. Plus LED Light for Anti-Aging and Acne.

Bungalow Second Step: Pop-in-and-Peel

Bungalow Second Step: Pop-in-and-Peel
Keep your skin clean, clear and even. Help erase fine lines and wrinkles, help dissolve dead skin to welcome the new. Skin will be brighter and healthier. AHA Peel or Microdermabrasion are commonly used.

Bungalow Glow Collagen Boost

A Bungalow favorite! In conjunction with our Signature Silver Facial this unique treatment uses a potent cocktail of collagen boosting peptides to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation that helps to restore volume and tightness to skin that has lost its elasticity, tone and density.

Bungalow Premier Gold

Facial designed to help each client elevate their skin repair goals by adding our premier products including stem cell serum treatments from our lab. Finishing off with Oxygen Therapy individually formulated to flush your pores to give them the healing and hydrating thrust of Hyperbaric, medical grade oxygen deeper into the dermis, perfect start to glowing skin!
Cleanse, Enzyme mask, (for the removal of dead skin,) extractions (if needed,) Is Clinical Fire & Ice peel and rejuvenating mask ending with Oxygen.

Bungalow Triple Crown

Inspired by the element of getting ready for one the most important days of one’s life! Coveted by brides, this treatment gets you Jet Set ready! We start with a luxurious back facial plus body scrub reveling brighter and smoother skin followed by our signature silver facial with a special detox treatment finishing with a relaxing scalp massage with oil to strengthen your hair…a treatment suited for royalty!

Bungalow Platinum

Patty’s Signature treatment that started it all. A pre-party treatment on the celebrity circuit! Immediate visible results are seen, your natural beauty boosted by advanced technologies. An exclusive combination of radio frequency and controlled heat reenergizes collagen cells to tighten, tone, and sculpt on contact. The most effective non-invasive treatment for instant lift, skin becomes more resilient, radiant, and youthful with each treatment. Microdermabrasion and Oxygen-Infused Therapy are commonly used with this treatment.
For maximum benefit, an 8-week series is recommended.

Bungalow Master Peel

Three consecutive days, two-days oxygen post care.
Immediate visible results and cumulative benefits over time by our custom resurfacing treatment to transform your skin. A multi-step process that combines a peel, LED light and pure Hyperbaric Oxygen therapies, and an organic detox mask to eliminate dead skin cells, pull out impurities and supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion.
Includes two follow up oxygen flush appointments.

For Facial add-ons, please see our Bungalow Signature Add-Ons page.